It is a Psychological Measurement Instrument for Marriages.

The following questionnaire will show you the current status of your marriage and the potential effects. The answers must be given numerically from 1 to 10, with 10 being the maximum and 1 being the worst.

They must be absolutely honest and transparent with their answers for optimal results. It is suggested that each spouse do it separately, then take the results and divide it between two. That will give you a result that will compare with the interpretation of results at the end of this test.

Then it is suggested that both take time to discuss the evaluation with a correct attitude.

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Interpretation of IMMA Results

Healthy marriage

It is a healthy marriage. Continue like this. Do not let anything change your habits.

Stable marriage, but needs to make some adjustments to bring the healthy relationship.

Check with your wife and make decisions in areas that need improvement.

Marriage needs immediate attention and care.

They definitely need guidance and counseling in their marriage. Seek it as soon as possible with a qualified counselor.

Marriage needs intensive care

This Marriage needs to go through a process of inner healing, counseling and urgent Bible instruction.

Marriage is divorced emotionally.

If your marriage is in this condition, you have to make the decision to start over, forget the past, be prepared to receive spiritual help, inner healing, counseling and biblical instruction.