What is the Free to Love program and how does it benefit us?

The Free to Love program offers seven activities that complement each other and were designed to provide couples with advanced tools for obtaining not a perfect marriage but a healthy one. It teaches them to know more deeply the differences between man and woman in order to understand each other and improve their communication. It also helps them to handle the most common conflicts in marriage and to know the specific functions of each member of the marriage.

The marriage relationship can be very beautiful or very destructive, it all depends on whether you know how to handle it or not. For this reason, it is necessary to know practical tools to resolve conflicts and give maintenance to the relationship permanently.

How can I participate in the Free to Love program?

  • Free to Love Seminar: To participate in a Free to Love Seminar, you may consult the International Network of Certified Mentors. If you do not find Mentors in your area, you can acquire the complete course on DVD in our Free to Love Online Store.

  • Parent Workshop: If you are interested in the Parent Workshop, you can acquire it in our Free to Love Online Store.

  • Couples Retreats: These are activities organized by local leaders. If you would like to participate in a couples retreat, contact your local Free to Love leaders or Contact Us.

  • Couples Nights: These are usually organized by your local church's leaders or Marriage & Family Ministries.

  • Mentor Training: To qualify as a Certified Mentor, you must receive the Seminar and remain as an active Mentor at CFAMI (Christian Family & Marriage Institute).

  • Special Conferences: These are specific conferences on the topics of Families and Marriages. They are given at a regional training level and also by invitation. If you would like to invite a Free to Love expert to give a conference in your community, Contact Us.
  • Regional and International Conventions: For information about assisting to any of the Regional or International conventions, refer to the announcements on our webpage or nuestra pagina web o Contact Us.