Associate Of Arts In Counseling With Focus In Marriage & Family Life

The mission of helping marriages and families is a responsibility that must be taken very seriously, since very delicate decisions have to be made on which the stability of a family and a generation can depend.

Our mission as Mentors of the Free to Love Foundation is to provide information to marriages and families that will help them achieve a healthy relationship. In order to develop this mission with excellence, Mentors must be as qualified as possible.

We want the Mentors of Free to Love to be recognized as well-prepared couples with scientific knowledge and biblical foundation, highly effective in the counseling of marriages and families desiring a healthy family God's way.

In partnership with Florida Christian University, we have created a curriculum specifically designed to train Marriage and Family Leaders interested in university-level preparation with an Associate of Arts in Counseling with Focus in Marriage & Family Life.

Upon completion of the Associate, students may continue their studies to pursue a Bachelor Degree, Masters and Doctorate in Counseling, Psychology or any of the Florida Christian University careers.

CLASSES: 3 Credits each

  • CH 3014 - SOAR Human Development Tools
  • CH 1010 – Introductory Coaching
  • CH 2011 - Coaching Process
  • CM 2108 - Effective Communication
  • CC 1521 - Temperaments
  • PS 1304 - General Psychology
  • PS 4101 - Introduction to Social Psychology
  • CC 1101 - Christian Counseling
  • CC 1408 – Human and Spiritual Development Theory
  • CC 1610 – Counseling Theories & Practice
  • CC 3106 - Human Sexuality
  • CC 4604 - Counseling Children, Youth & Aging
  • CC 2620 - Counseling in Community Settings
  • CC 3304-Premarital Counseling
  • CC 3401 - Family Counseling
  • CC 4561 – Counseling the Divorced
  • CC 3507 - Christian Counseling in Times of Crisis
  • CC 3532 - Cognitive Therapeutic Techniques in Counseling
  • CC 4588 - Family Systems: Functional and Dysfunctional
  • PS 4307 - Biblical Psychology

General Information:

  • Classes are given in Spanish, English or Portuguese.
  • Itineraries are flexible to suit your needs.
  • The price of the complete course is affordable and payment options are offered.
  • Classes can be in classroom, online and on DVD.
  • The credit at Associate and Bachelors levels is US . Each class is 3 credits so the value per class is US 0. The complete course: 0.00 for 20 classes: ,800.00.

  • Registration fee is: 0.00 (one-time fee)
  • Mentors Certified Free to Love are recognized 9 credits. ($ 720.00)
  • All Mentors of Free to Love Foundation have a 10% discount off the value of the classes. This does NOT apply to the registration fee!

The entire Florida Christian University Student Services team is ready and trained to answer questions about processes, tuition, academic issues, etc.
Please feel free to call (407) 896-0101 or write to: /

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